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Mitchell and Plebgate.

I am not a Conservative but have a shrewd idea as to how they think. P.C Rowland may dream of returning to eating doughnuts and his undoubted mendacity but the Tories will not be so quick to forgive and forget. Look forward to two or three juicy and highly damaging court cases which involve the Metropolitan Police being fast tracked. God repays, but not with money.

77 Lawrence Avenue NG16 and Quran burning.

This blog has always stood against Islamophobia and is now reporting that an address in the Eastwood district of Nottinghamshire is to be used for the desecration of a Holy Qu'ran. It behoves the Ummah to stand up to this sort of act by whatever means possible and to punish anyone doing such a vile thing.
Across the world we see that Muslims are being targetted. Free Azawad.

Fact. Serena Bowes and false rape claims.

Meninist is my new word du jour - for those of us fed up with Feminism. A quick glance at Twitter and one sees the agenda - substitute "Black, Gay or Jewish" for men and a jail term would await. With Jean Hatchet's identity about to be uncovered soon let us turn our attention to the mendacious Serena Bowes of Newcastle and her trip to Italy.
Bowes claims that she was raped by a man who took her into the toilets. Spy/CCTV camera images show her entering and leaving the toilets of the VIP lounge unconcerned.
Not that I usually read the Torygraph but should we not ask why 12 year tariffs for false rape allegations are not brought in to UK courts?

Catherine Brennan, Baltimore, Maryland.

A transatlantic story today concerning Catherine Brennan, Catherine M Samele or Kim J Brennan (more fucking aliases than most) Apparently Ms Brennan of 311 Murdock Road, Baltimore Maryland 21212 makes all sorts of threats to the Transgender community plus just about anyone else. Bugbrennan has now come to the attention of the Baltimore P.D, those fine body of folks who take this sort of thing seriously.
Now to North Wales Police and the massive problem facing them over the naming of the new identity of Ched Evans “victim”.

Ched Evans and Louise Mensch.

The election of a Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire lurched into the spotlight yesterday with the release of four candidates names. The Independent "Justice For Ched" one was not included. Nefarious doings at police HQ? Missing documents and the sole candidate to campaign on police corruption unlisted for the 30 October event.
One also must ask why Louise Mensch the esrtwhile M.P for Corby was not arrested by North Wales Police for naming the "victim" in the Ched Evans case? Now if you will excuse me I must find a Nice Jewish Girl and settle down.

Catalunya and UKIP.

The Catalans have called an election for 9th November 2014. Good luck with that as the Cortes in Madrid deems it illegal. Given the odium towards Castillians one suggest that (huge support for independence) the Catalans simply declare themselves free after the vote has taken place.
Now to England and Mark Reckless has defected to the UKIP camp. We are yet to see any real policy details from Mr Farage's lot but certainly zero immigration is a theme whose time has arrived. Taxation seems quite jejune, and law and order merely knee jerk populism.
Will the right of centre UKIP stand up the the Labour and Tory erosion of civil liberty? It is easier to establish a police state than to dismantle one.

Did you hear me swear at Radio 4 this morning? "Constitutional issues" if (when) Scotland votes Yes. There is no constitution in the UK. An unwritten one? Well, that will get one as far as an unprinted five pound note.
The demise of the Union heralds the demise of the concept of Unionism, potential earthquake in Carrickfergus? Bye bye Mrs Schleswig-Holstein.

James. Foley and IS beheading.

Not too much to say about this except that it is now an offence to watch or distribute this in Britain. My condolences to the family of Mr Foley. It is far easier to establish a police state than to dismantle one.

Megan Stammers.

A very British conundrum. Not long ago, Sussex schoolgirl Megan Stammers was rumoured to have been kidnapped by her teacher, Jeremy Forrest. In fact she eloped willingly. The Orwellian use of anonymity (for her) meant that millions of folks must forget one of the most intensively covered news stories of recent times. One wonders if the goons at Sussex Police will arrest everyone who reads about her planned meeting with Forrest? Thought crime is insidious.


Police and the Lord Janner case.

Time to make a forecast. By the end of next week the Labour peer who features prominently in today's news will be arrested. The Elm Guest House scandal will see the beginning of the end for the Establishment in Britain. Never forget that these events occurred in the 1970's and it is only with police help that the perpetrators have lasted so long. In the age of social media the wrong doer has to be afraid. Very afraid.