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Independent dying.

So farewell then to "The Independent" which is now giving up and dying. What will happen to Grace Dent the poor man's Hadley Freeman? Owen Jones might have to sign on at this rate.
Now to some gloating and taunting of the Durham Constabulary. The Adam Johnson case is making headlines in all the papers, lurid details of blow jobs in Land Rovers, trysts in car parks, how will Kaitlin Lackenby concentrate for her exams at Wellfield School? One hears Durham plod are doing a deal whereby all references to her online outside the UK are deleted in return for a high profile arrest of a nonce (worshipful brother) in Norfolk.
When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.
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Friday will be a busy day, Adam Johnson in court over sex assault allegations and Kaitlin Lackenby. Miss Lackenby (15) of Wellfield School got into an 18 plus night club and had consensual sex with Mr Johnson (28) a former England soccer star. Therefore Durham Police are leaning heavily on the whole "underage" aspect, ignoring that anonymity ought to be imposed for both sides.
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Daily Mail, Mark Pearson and Souad Faress.

The "Daily Mail" led with the story and now it is going viral. Actress Souad Faress (me neither, she was in Casualty apparently) made a false sex assault allegation against Mark Pearson.
No evidence prsented yet ubercunt Alison Saunder of the CPS went ahead with a prosecution that should never have happened. In an age where there are no borders in cyberspace Faress can have anonymity in Britain - but none abroad.
Should you feel that this ought to be discussed on Twitter then contact brucedaisley@twitter.com and ensure you share your feelings.
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Jean Hatchet and Vonny Watts.

A quick post today, after looking at social media earlier. Jean Hatchet (Vonny Watts) claimed that she received 500 death threats per minute at the height of the Ched Evans banning petition. President Obama does not get that in the run up to an election.
It appears that veracity and Mrs Watts/Ms Hatchet are strangers. Follwing her "cry for help" suicide attempt she now urges police in Britain to close down this blog.
The world must be a confusing place to Watts/Hatchet - a forner Tory in Fulwood, Sheffield, now hard left wing Labour.
Do make your tiny little mind up.

Dyfed - Powys police and Andrew Cole.

Andrew Cole of Llandrindod Wells today received a grant of anonymity from the "Supreme" Court concerning his double murder of William Crompton and Fiona Ovis.
Lady Hale seems to think that Cole will be able to have a new identity and police protection, all paid for by the tax payer. This is guerrilla blogging at it's finest.
Apparently the Crompton and Ovis families are beyond the contempt of the Dyfed - Powys police.



One hears that Thursday 23 June is touted as the big day. I opt to leave the EU. It began as a dream and ended as a nightmare, merely another rich men's club.
Culpability for the deaths of 96 Liverpool supporters lies with the myopic actions of plod. It remains to be seen if they will get away with it.
As for Heathrow, 13 arrested and charged, found guilty (political offences) and now awaiting sentencing. If ISIL want support they could do worse than slot the judiciary.

P. C Carlo Neri.

Looks as though some spy cops are to face the music. Working on uncovering the identity of "Carlo Neri", it would be a pity if jihadis got his details. Music, post 1980's, mulatto moaning?
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Identity cards, remix.

This is where we came in. The House of Lords is to debate reintroducing identity cards in Britain. Less contentious is Germany demanding that refugees migrants have them. Hungary and Turkey are standardizing theirs. There is nothing wrong with ID cards, only the use to which they are put. Do you trust your government, police?
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Race and radicalism.

Funny, you know, after 40 years with the far left it took the Metropolitan Police to turn me into a racist. Will now try and introduce the words "mulatto" and "negro criminality" into any passing post.
Outraged at Istanbul, killing hapless tourists is not the answer, inevitable backlash against 2 million Syrians in Turkey.