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Margate dog torture - Ryan Hollick.

The other redacted names are Dan Brown, Owen Harper and Jack Whiting. Addresses in or near Westgate. Ken Police could not be bothered to arrest them, hence RSPCA prosecution. You agree with the sentences? Call round, have a word. Also remember Ian Hurst of Bolton (bets on dog fights) and P.C James A Haslam of Kings Lynn (can't be nicked, as he is plodscum). Justice 4 Chunky.

"Is this rape?"

BBC3, 9 pm. Last night we had a not terribly good programme on the vexed issue of consent. It omitted a few major issues, that of grades of rape (let us say Rape One, a stranger using violence as with Zdenko Turtik in Leeds recently) and date rape. Also no mention of contributory negligence was made (here one may cite Ched Evans and Adam Johnson) going to a man's room at 4 am after heavy drinking probably is not for Bible study purposes. Finally what of false rape and defendant anonymity? Ubercunt Alison Saunders of the CPS eluded these questions on "Newsnight" BBC2 10.30 pm.
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Bailey Gwynne and Cults Academy.

The internet is so fast, also it has no borders. Today a 16 year old boy was stabbed to death in Aberdeen. His name is leaking out via Twitter much as Will Cornick and Ann Maguire's did.
Bailey Gwynne. As to his killer there is a definite hit on "Daniel" and a possible one of the surname "Stroud". Final update, Twitter are muting "Dan Stroud" and "Daniel Stroud" in connection with the stabbing. You cannot suppress the truth. Bramshill delenda est.
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Peter Robinson and Mick Wallace.

Two Irish politicians you may never have heard of. Essence of argument, Wallace correctly said Robinson was dishonest over a murky financial deal. Robinson now wants to sue Wallace. It is all over Twitter (therefore real?)
Paul Tweed's law firm represents Robinson, Gareth Noble's represents Wallace. I am using this blogge to call out Robinson, who I think is guilty of taking money from the NAMA fund at some point. So sue me.

Tom Watson - Operation Megan.

There are going to be very awkward questions for the front runner in the Labour Deputy leadership contest to address. Not least of which is why, contrary to the law he received documents on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up from ex DCS Dave Cook formerly of the Metropolitan Police.

Mr Watson was far from alone – Gordon Brown, Nick Davies (Guardian) and Al Morgan plus a couple of others are now facing action regarding Op Megan, after Cook’s garden was dug up in Dec 2014 by 24 of the Met who found a hard drive proving that Cook provided police information on the Daniel Morgan case and perverted the course of justice.

On that note – here is something Peter Jukes must answer. What went on five weeks ago when Jukes was at a B&B in the Southery area? “Old White Bell” Peter or “Hare Arms”? Why exactly were you so close to a notorious corrupt ex Det Con who is trying to flee the country?

No Further Action is to be taken regarding Jonathan Rees (subject to many failed attempted fitting ups by The Met and a botched character assassination) Graham Freeman, Philip Campbell-Smith, Alex Marunchak, and Sid Creasey. Let us look at Bolton debt collector and “SAS Captain” bullshitter Ian Hurst.

The CPS now acknowledge that Hurst is ” proven to be an unreliable and NOT credibe witness”. The CPS are not pursuing and individual or organisation (News Int) over Op Tuleta.

I am glad to see that in the words of John Prescott (who just e-mailed me) the Labour leadership contest is a "two horse race" between Blair Lite (Burnham) and Jeremy Corbyn. Not so glad when I looked at the Deputy leadership opinion polls. My choice for first place would be Tom Watson - even though one hears rumours of a scandal about to break surrounding him. Stella Creasy is now in front and I may resign from Labour if she is elected.
Peter Nunn did time in jail for an asinine comment about her - Creasy refused to answer me when asked about giving anonymity to the defendants in rape trials. She really is crap.
Finally I see on Twitter that I have "issues with the police". If you mean do I take exception to corruption, mendacity and racism, the answer is Yes.

Can I be bothered to..?

Write an epitaph? This week I feel will be a major one in dealing with police corruption in England. It is trite to say that one cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs, but, what if you are one of the eggs? Bravery is weighing up possible outcomes (some of which are deleterious) yet going ahead anyway.
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What happened on 30 May 2014? Only two people know that, one is Owen Labrie, of Vermont, the other (as yet) anonymous. American has a rich history of legal liberty false rape allegations and is the case of State v Labrie about to go down as yet another miscarriage of justice?
St Paul's sends its students to the Ivy League and from there they become masters of the universe. Perhaps the denizens of girl's dorms -
Kittredge and Warren ought to ponder on whether a malicious claim is going to cloud all their futures? The noose tightens, not solely for Labrie but for false rape accusers everywhere. In the age of the internet there is no anonymity, a cursory glance at Coakley and UVA should prove that.
Many laws yet little justice.

Islamic State and Tomislav Salopek.

What is to be done about the beheading of yet another hostage on the middle east? This time it was the turn of Croatian national Tomislav Salopek. Britain as usual will do what America tells it, one hears that UK police are terrified of "lone wolf" attacks and rightly so, easy to plan and execute these operations strike fear into an enemy's heart.
Will Ireland be next? Quiet and preoccupied with the far left, has some Garda Sergeant already been selected? Templemore may start a fight but Al Qai'da will finish it.
Big boy's games, big boy's rules.


Max Mosely nazi orgy photographs.

Quite a snappy title. Trying to locate another one where he is having nipple clamps put on. Or something. He could always become a District Judge in Essex one supposes.