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Ched Evans and Ilkeston.

Today marks the return of ex Sheffield United striker Ched Evans to football after a gap of far too long. Mostly caused by the illegal actions of North Wales Police, but more on that after his acquittal in early October. His signing for Oldham fell though but now we can see a resurgance in this Wales International's career. Wishing him the best of luck. Victory.

English M.P shot, Jo Cox dead.

Pixilatted heavily armed police much in evidence in UK media, non anglophone papers stress the would be assassin shouted "Britain First" as he shot and stabbed the West Yorkshire politician.
Right idea, wrong target especially as Jess Phillips and Stella Greasy are still free loading oxygen thieves. This could be a game changer, at a moment when opposition is building to the status quo in Britain, plod will soon have more to worry about.


Joly de Lotbiniere.

York undergraduate Bart Joly de Lotbiniere has been accused of rape. Comme d'habitude his name is everywhere, but his accuser is (for now) anonymous. This, on the same day that we hear Ched Evans is to face a second trial for rape concerning Lauren Crawford, Lauren McDonagh, Emily Whatshername of Lincolnshire?



This humble blogge is about to go Supernova. Some mission statements first - this blog is 100% in favour of a Brexit. So today's articles in the "Sun" and "Mail" are false.
This blog is and always has been anti-Tory. So linking it to Conservative who oppose Boris Johnson is again, an asinine mistake and totally erroneous.
Cost of a post removal? £10,000. Whole blogge? £50,000.
Finally, legal action? Bring it on, I have about £100 and no longer live in the UK. As has been mentioned, when you arrest corrupt perjuring ex police you can come for me. My worst has already happened to me. I love publicity, relish in it.
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Most things are on the internet these days. Small towns such as Spalding often have stories - such as last year when Kim Edwards and her boyfriend Lucas Markham ran away together, they were found after a short while. Something must have happened as Mrs Liz Edwards allowed her killers - and those of her other daughter Katie - into her home.
Today's press reports of a "black rimmed glasses wearing teenager" in the dock with her sweetheart narrowed it down. Lincolnshire Police are remiss at dealing with the 33% false rape claims they receive. Pay back time.


PJS and YMA injunction - Elton John.

The National Enquirer broke it in the US. Now for the British Isles, a Ron Broxted exclusive. PJS is Elton John and YMA is David Furnish. As to AB and CD, who knows? Who cares? Lovlely afternoon here in Northern Ireland. I must pop over to Ingerlund.
Greetings from the Lower Shankill. Making friends and influencing people. Not what Sophie Dunn and Katie Francis of Hartlepool did when they tortured poor old Angela Wrightson to death.


Tomorrow sees the "judgement" on the case of R v Johnson by Justice Jonathan Rose in Bradford. It is without doubt that Adam Johnson broke the law yet the Great British public is divided, from Katie Hopkins to some chavs and Feminazis.
The "victim" pleads that she is devestated yet spent all of Monday posing for selfies and wondering if she'd get on Celebrity Big Brother?
Adam Johnson deserves to be punished but considering that he has lost everything HHJ Rose needs to know that  any punitive sentence will have consequences.
Finally, the identity of Kaitlin Lackenby can and is being disseminated outside Britain. Either there is anonymity for both sides in any rape trial or for neither. Current legislation is contrary to ECHR law.
Oh and Durham Police? Shove any "harassment warning" up Aelfwynn Sampson's (cont p.5)

False rape allegations in Lincolnshire.

Have you seen this? Following today's crap from the Biometrics Commission it encapsulates why Brexit is the most feasible course of action.

New Scotland Yard delenda est.



Expecting a bumper response to this - the unnamed Q.C at the centre of the sex in public case and Graeme Stening is Mrs Boris Johnson, alias Marina Wheeler.
The "Daily Mail" did a wee legal blurb on why she has anonymity. Same argument not extended to rape trial defendants - which flies in the face of ECHR legislation.
Until such times as both 9or neither) side are named, until such time as false rape accusers are jailed for long stretches - there will be guerilla blogging.
Remember, UK laws only apply in Britain, a de facto police state.
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