Barry Horne to Bobby Sands.

Io fei ghibetto de lei mei case. A morbid post, what with North Korea and all. Nothing befits a man so much in life as his leaving of it. With another trip to England pending, I cast my mind to the animal rights activist Barry Horne and his death by hunger strike. Compare and contrast with Bobby Sands. New Scotland Yard delenda est.

Two cities - Cardiff and Sheffield

Great news that Ched Evans had such a warm welcome at the Cardiff game last night. One wonders if Lauren Crawford/McDonagh has emgrated fled to Australia yet? Or what is happening with Jean Hatchet the embezzler? Apparently her husband Richard Watts is fewmin with radical feminazis.
One cannot really blame him. New Scotland Yard delenda est.

Pembroke, Amber Roderick and Monkton.

Dyfed Powys plod had to arrange for Amber Roderick (alias Bridget Ann McGinley) to be escorted to safety after an angry mob concerned citizens attacked her new house.
She sprang to national attention a few years ago in Reading. Remember, it might be illegal to name her in the UK, a de facto police state, but not abroad, cyber space has no borders.
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Simon Danczuk false rape accuser, it is Karen?

The former Rochdale M.P has been at the centre of a storm "sexting" a teenager, but was also falsely accused of rape. Cyptic clues are being left everywhere and the initials K.D only seem to fit one person who had a motive.
It is easier to build a de facto police state than to dismantle one.
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Two cities - London and Mecca.

Once again the shaheeds are picking the wrong targets. Innocent pedestrians are not the issue. Much is made of plod's supposed "bravery" yet 3 men with knives took on 300 with automatic rifles. One sees also the sheeple walking away "hands in the air" whilst obviously unarmed. Pavlovian conditioning. Calls for internment? Worked well in Northern Ireland. Fewer low tech attacks on targets that will gain no support, hit judges and police. They declare war on the people and are suprised at the fact that they are themselves attacked. New Scotland Yard delenda est.
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Tom Jones, pop legend and teen rape claim.

The pop star who is being identified outside of the UK is none other than Tom Jones. He gave a concert at the 3 Arts theatre in Plumstead, South Africa in 1976. Now a woman is claiming he raped her. She made more bizarre allegations and is to be outed soon.
In other news Ched Evans signs for Sheffield United and radical feminazi Jean Hatchet is named as Vonny Watts, ex Tory and now ex Labour.

Ched Evans and vindication, Sheffield Utd and Vonny Watts.

At 7 pm tonight the news broke that Ched Evans, falsely accused of rape - and acquitted - was to return to his natural home of Bramall Lane.
What will this mean for "Jean Hatchet" (Vonny Watts) a former Tory Cllr in Fulwood, now a Labour "firebrand"?
Undoubtedly,the beginning of the end - watch "Untergang" for a better idea - oh and let us have anonymity for rape trial defendants (as in functioning democracies) and false rape allegations made a serious offence - are you there Birchwood plodscum?

Graeme Stening and Harini Iyengar?

Last year a mega storm broke over the identity of the QC in the case of R v Stening. Originally misidentified as Marina Wheeler (Mrs Boris Johnson) who could the Asian looking female be?
It seems that publicity shy Harini Iyengar might be the one who used the totally biased legislation at present that names rape trial defendants but not false accusers.

Check post of 26 Feb 2016 and then this photo.

Samuel Armstrong, Conservative.

The gradual erosion of civil liberty and freedom under both Labour and Tories have seen false rape allegations rise. Anonymity must be accorded to both sides or neither.
The latest man to be caught in the public eye is Samuel Armstrong. We do not know (at present) who his accuser is, but names are being circulated online.
She had better take heed of Lauren Crawford (McDonagh) who may have won 12 grand and a free trip to Australia but had to change her identity several times.
She was assisted in this by North Wales Police (Ch Supt Gordon Anglesea) and Jean Hatchet alias Vonny Watts, who creamed a nice percentage off the top for herself, embezzlement lives.