Fake! Jean Hatchet, Vonny Watts and the missing money.

World exclusive, what happened to the 27 grand which (mostly) came from North Wales Police to "radical feminist" (ex Tory Cllr, ex mental patient) Jean Hatchet, Vonny Watts? At least 10% has gone missing, and Ms Watts bank account is decidedly fuller. The fund was set up to get a false rape accuser out of the UK, but Jean/Vonny thought that her career with Sheffield's Labour party could do with some more financing.
Ought we to ask Liz Truss? Truss had a lack lustre career as M.P for South West Norfolk until bagging a top cabinet post. Liz Truss has no legal training and her role protecting police corruption in East Anglia is well known.
I am having a great weekend, hope you are also.

Karen Graham of Bury, unmask'd.

Another is a curious creature - Karen Graham of Bury. Graham holds that she and her coterie can dictate who may or may not use social meejah.
One ought not to hold someone's physical appearance against them but in @dubdanu's case that is difficult, this is a "good" photo by the way, the odd thing is that the Bury Monster judges others harshly!
Housekeeping - the identity of Ched Evans "victim" has been deleted from this blogge. Targets remaining? Bent cops everywhere, Kaitlin Lackenby and Jean Hatchet/Vonny Watts.

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1984/5 Orgreave.

Word round the camp fire is that the army wore police uniforms at Orgreave during the Miner's strike. Plod went up there, outnumbering starving miners and still took a hiding. Now to Thurnscoe and bent ex Det Con Derek Haslam sabotaging ex miners compensation claims, isn't that illegal? Death by drink driving? Perjury?

Vicious - Alison Chabloz and the Holy Land.

Miss Chabloz is to be privately prosecuted next month, her crime is that she denies the Shoah. Ron Broxted has nothing against Jews, in fact, quite likes the Bani Yehudi - and believes in a two state solution. Israel has a right to exist, there was a holocaust.
Judenhetze has been around a long time, so having the CPS mess about with an ex Tweeter is no great victory. Look at John Nimmo's incarceration, to see how one can make a martyr out of a mole hill.
Gideon Falter will look at best vindictive, at worst ludicrous. Smashing a walnut with a sledge hammersprings to mind. What are the limits of free speech? "Nobody has the right to shout Fire! in a crowded theatre", thus Oliver Wendell Holmes. Will Robert Ambridge stick up for Alison Chabloz? As he initially did with Peter Nunn, before Essex Police told him not too. Odd that on Twitter the faux far left are now cozying up to a corrupt ex cop with links to the EDL.

Adam Johnson and Kaitlin Lackenby - the martyrdom of Steven Knox.

Firstly I wish to congratulate Mr Trump on his victory. Now to news just in - Steven Knox of Sunderland wasjailed for telling the truth. A dangerous thing in Britain, a de facto police state. Mr Knox wrote some harsh comments and posted a pixilated image or two of the soi disant victim in the Adam Johnson case. I shall let you decide how "distraught" she looks. Perhaps we should ask Jean Hatchet (Vonny Watts) of Fulwood?

ERY v Associated Newspapers, James Stunt.

The "Daily Mail" when not outraged over Ched Evans legal victory are losing it because a billionaire married to Petra Ecclestone has slapped an injunction on them. It does not seem to be binding outside the UK, so here goes - one hears it is James Stunt, who apparently is a bent businessman who owns fast cars.
Judge Nicol seems to think that the law is only for the rich (such as Jean Hatchet, real name Vonny Watts of Fulwood) and that as Mr Stunt can pay well he gets anonymity.
Anonymity is an issue for a bent ex cop selling his four bed house in Lynn Road, Southery, PE38, but that is due to a corrupt judiciary propping up mendacious plod.

Brexit blues.

It seems Britain has caught "the Irish disease". As with the Lisbon treaty, the electorate "got it wrong" and white working class rednecks comme moi meme must vote again over Article 50 - or - have the chinless wonders in Westminster overturn the Brexit referendum result. Any other nation would be up in arms at this point but the sheeple won't budge.
Last night I watched "12 years a slave" or as a bent ex Det Con desperately trying to sell the house that perjury built in Lynn Road, Southery, PE38 would call the film "family home movies".
Plod delenda est.

Media, social or otherwise, Jean Hatchet and the Lie factory.

I stopped reading Huff Po ages ago. However noted rad fem loon Jean Hatchet is upset at being outed as ex Tory Cllr Vonny Watts. If you want details of her just go online for a few minutes. Hatchet/Watts claims that a noted FRA and MRA activist and blogger has said he would stab her.
Where is that quote? That he commented on her breast size. No, Jean/Vonny. That was another social media commentator, not everyone who despises your crap is the same person. Stop listening to bent cops, they are hardly reliable.
The CPS are annoyed at false rape accusers being identified. Here is an idea - anonymity for both sides or neither. Treat false rape allegations seriously.
I suggest if you have proof forward it to the police. Final thought, if Britain is not a de facto police state why can the truth only be published abroad? Answers on a postcard to Fulwood Labour party.

Anonymity for rape trial defendants, Sam Armstrong.

The House of Commons is the setting for the latest false rape allegation. Tory assistant Sam Armstrong is being accused by a (for now) anonymous female. You know the drill by now - anonymity for both sides or neither. Minimum 12 year custodial tariff for false rape accusers. Anyone knowing the name of the female pass it on here. Perhaps Jean Hatchet (Vonny Watts) will set up another emigration fund?
Good day for this site, huge number of hits over the Spalding murders, Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham. Now then, why is a known police perjurer trying to sell his 4 bed house in Southery, PE38?
Plod delenda est.
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