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Police and the Lord Janner case.

Time to make a forecast. By the end of next week the Labour peer who features prominently in today's news will be arrested. The Elm Guest House scandal will see the beginning of the end for the Establishment in Britain. Never forget that these events occurred in the 1970's and it is only with police help that the perpetrators have lasted so long. In the age of social media the wrong doer has to be afraid. Very afraid.

Trolling, Old Holborn and Robert Ambridge.

A year has passed since I wrote of Robert Ambridge (Old Holborn) and his rumoured arrested by the police. It seems that Bob did not like that at all - he will like this far less. His address is 9. Hayes Close, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2, 0RN, England. Reason for publishing? Well, he thinks it is "funny" that South Yorkshire Police killed 96 Liverpool fans. Additionally that Jamie Bulger was murdered. His non arrest throws a spotlight on what exactly Essex Police are up to (Ambridge, who is to star on a Channel 4 programme has close links to plod) and proves a point, it is far easier to establish a police state than to dismantle one.

Tracy Shelvey - did she fall?

Or was she pushed? Very puzzled to read about Patrick Hall (cleared of multiple rape counts) and Tracy Shelvey who didn't agree with the "not guilty" verdict and jumped off a roof.
Greater Manchester Police are scratching their heads on this one - perhaps they will charge Mr Hall with murder? No doubt they can torture a confession from him.
One is minded of Anne-Marie Hackett and the rape that never was. Didn't stop Hertfordshire Constabulary and the University of Hertfordshire from trying to fit up an innocent man. As one recalls it ended messily. UK government lost at ECHR and 1.7 million innocent samples deleted.
Well, that is what we are told but knowing the scum in blue how can one verify this?
Odd that given 12% false rape allegations rate that no anonymity accorded to Mr Hall. Odder still that anyone making a false rape allegation faces no punitive measures?
It is far easier to establish a police state than to dismantle one.

Dave Lee Travis and Vivien Creegor.

Witness giving evidence behind a curtain? How dramatic. See the film footage of the sexual assault? Bum pinching at best (worst) yet red tops report this as though the accuser had been rape on air.
Yesterday we heard about Rolf Harris and Tonya Lee and today DLT with Vivien Creegor. If guilty Travis is a bore and pest, certainly he should be punished but as with William Roache all is not well.
Roache is accused of rape and yet his accuser returned a second time. Obviously not Buyer's Remorse. As DLT said "The smell of money" appears to be a prominent lure in these cases.


Bottomley, Kincora and Andrew Ash.

Greetings to all joining from David Icke's site. Edwina Currie has had an uncomfortable time on Twitter. She is resolutely against child molesters yet a quick perusal of Google elicits some intriguing findings. Is she the female politician at the centre of Andrew Ash's allegations?
Other names put forward are Virginia Bottomley and Ann Winterton. Let us not confine ourselves to Tories - I was given a hint "Islington" and after a short fossick Margaret Hodge appeared.
What of Kincora? It is a fact that the PSNI/RUC colluded in ensuring that (as with the Guildford Four and other victims of miscarriages of justice) that the guilty got away with it. Thus far. Cyberspace has no national boundary so what is published outside of police state Britain can be shown to the world.
It is on that note that I finish off. By the end of this week a massive police corruption scandal will break. Sid Fillery. Normal for Norfolk. Affinity lodge "Manor Of Bensham 7114" and "Manor Of St James 9179" among others.

The "Daily Mail" is picking up on a story carried by the "Sunday Express" - that Andrew Ash was abused at a party by a female MP (Conservative) and a well known male.
Given that it was after the 1983 election it is a short short list. The Metropolitan Police among others have colluded in a cover up. I do not have time for free mason conspiracy theories but some dodgy dealing went on and is going on. MI5 posing as journalists to interview those implicated.
Few are shocked at what (allegedly) happened in London and Amsterdam in the 1980's. There is a growing acceptance that the "elite" of society are capable of anything.
Indeed I had a (private) conversation with notorious and revered petercampbell that a Norfolk Police "officer" put on the Torygraph shite site. Obviously Kings Lynn have little to do in policing but that may change later this week.

Leon Brittan.

In the interests of setting things straight I am told that Google are deleting mentions of Leon Brittan and Jimmy Savile. In light of that fact that UK police move far quicker to arrest anyone who comments on the Michael Le Vell and Ian Watkins cases I thought that you may wish to know that major events will break this weekend on corruption and plod.


Mark Duggan and "lawful killing".

The verdict (pathetic as it is) has just been delivered. An unarmed man was extrajudicially shot by police in London. Poor, young, black so not much of a difference there.
Water cannon have been placed on order for the summer. As with the August 2011 uprising Mark Duggan's murder may prove a bridge too far.

Today saw two guilty pleas entered at Westminster Magistrates Court by John Nimmo (25) and Isabella Sorley (23). Both had sent messages on Twitter to Caroline Criado-Perez.
Nimmo - "I will find you" then "Come to Geordieland bitch" then "You will get fucked until you die" then "I can help with that" and "Dumb blonde bitch". Deeply unpleasant.
Sorley merely added "I will do worse than rape you". So far so troll.
Sorley is being held in custody (at what cost?) Nimmo is a sad recluse who typifies the troll. To conclude this section punitive measure are well and good but ought the police not to be patrolling the real world as assiduously as cyberspace?
Now to the obverse - Criado-Perez and her ilk (Creasy. Moran, other feminists) have undue sway at Twitter. Since last summer there has been a fast track that is used to delete any account that is campaigning for men's rights.
Criado et al do not accept that there is any such thing as a false rape allegation. They do not want anonymity for rape trial defendants. In so far as having wimmin on £10 notes - good luck and as far as I am concerned put them on all UK currency. However we are witnessing the end of Twitter - free speech is now only accorded to those who support the government.

We are now into the 1914-2014 commemoration period and what if anything is Cameron doing over the 900,000 plus records found years ago at Red Cross HQ in Geneva? In 1918 the bodies of the dead Great War soldiers were dumped in mass graves or exhumed at collection cemeteries. Their identities were not a priority. In 2009 Peter Barton, a WW1 historian found the card index that had almost million entries for the troops killed in action.
These are to be digitalized and made public this year. Thus far no sign. Each Poppy day we are offered a conflation of an unpopular war (Iraq) with conflicts that shaped the nation (WW2, the Great War). Land fit for heroes? We are still waiting.