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Justice for Leon Briggs.

The Bedfordshire Police are still muddying the water regarding the death in custody of Leon Briggs in Luton on 4 November 2013. There has not only been no progress but use of delaying tactics, so beloved of bent plod such as Norfolk, Hertfordshire and The Met.
Given the febrile nature of "community policing" coupled with the promise/threat of civil unrest is Colette Paul willing to play high stakes?
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Two cities - Copenhagen and Oslo.

Heard this morning that Denmark is to celebrate 70 years since liberation. There was a brief mention of what happened to collaborators. Does plod know what awaits them after 7th May?
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There seems to be far more antipathy towards the birth of the latest Schleswig-Holstein-von Sonderburg-von Glucksburg than when the last one was born. Princess Lindsey-Renee-Maud-Latisha of Formica in the county of Essex ought to take note of how quickly revolutions happen. 1914, tercentennary of Romanovs, 1917, Romanovs used for target practice.
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Two cities - Durham and Plymouth.

This appeared elsewhere but I consider it worth while re blogging here.

Zen has now said that he will continue his hunger strike, drawing attention to corruption in Devon & Cornwall police. Zen has contacted this blog stating he is 15 days into a hunger strike to the death bringing focus to the activities of a local solicitor (Alan Harris) whom he claims has anally raped boys in the Plymouth area and due to his connections with plod has been able to "get away with it".

Day 15

Nothing except water with lemon or lime juice, sometimes with mint leaves cut very small, green tea with lemon juice.

That's it.

When I cease drinking, 3 days and that's it.


These are the questions that I am leaving behind ( see loads of images in my albums ):-

//////////////////////////// 7 Questions for Plymouth candidates ////////////////////////////

1. do you agree that a duty solicitor, working in conjunction with police, automatically receives a steady stream of vulnerable young people?

2. do you agree that a duty solicitor must be a person of impeccable reputation to protect the vulnerable?

3. do you agree that police have a Duty of Care to ensure a duty solicitor is a person of impeccable reputation?

4. do you agree that a criminal law practice that advances duty solicitor services has a Duty of Care to ensure their duty solicitors are persons of impeccable reputation?

5. do you agree that both criminal law practices, and police, in possession of knowledge that a particular duty solicitor is NOT a person of impeccable reputation, both have a Duty of Care to ensure protection of the vulnerable?

6. do you agree that where a duty solicitor has been arrested in a public loo with a 15 year old boy, long before the age of consent was 16, both criminal law practice and police have a Duty of Care to prevent boys being abused in future?

7. do you agree that where criminal law practice clients are being blackmailed into sex by a duty solicitor, ANY REASONABLE PERSON would expect the following, as a matter of extreme urgency:-

a. a full-scale open and transparently honest police investigation.

b. an immediate halt to that duty solicitor's access to clients.

c. a full-scale open and transparently honest investigation by the criminal law practice itself, contacting all previous clients, and asking them "Were you sexually-abused by Alan Harris?"

[ Questions for Alan Harris Solicitors below ]


What could be simpler!

Maybe people will do this, after I am cold on a slab.

Because as we all know, authority just hates doing 'the right thing', preferring to skulk behind closed doors, looking up secret policies relating to the cover-ups of sex-abuse by government and hangers-on.

Best wishes,



Questions for Alan Harris Solicitors

1. was Alan Harris ever arrested by police for a sexual offence?

2. has Alan Harris ever been arrested by police for having sex with an underage boy in a public loo, or some very similar offence?

3. has Alan Harris a sexual interest in underage boys?

4. does Alan Harris blackmail clients into sex?

5. if your practice is aware that Alan Harris does have an interest in underage boys, and does blackmail clients into sex, what steps have you taken, as a Duty of care, to a. prevent further abuse, and b. to contact those abused, and put right the wrong.

6. assuming you know nothing untoward concerning Alan Harris's conduct towards clients, and therefore believe Alan Harris is innocent of these allegations, why have you not taken the obvious course of action, by having Alan Harris Swear on Oath that he has never blackmailed one client into sex, and serve an injunction on Zen?

As for Durham, Kailtlin Lackenby is the 15 year old involved in the Adam Johnson case.

Kaitlin Lackenby and Adam Johnson.

It is illegal to name the 15 year old in the Adam Johnson case. In Britain. Outside of a de facto police state it is not illegal (as with the Ched Evans debacle). This illustrates just how powerful cyberspace is - no borders, no censorship. I am not going to put Kaitlin Louise Lackenby's morality on trial (indeed go to Twitter and type in "slag" to see what many in Sunderland think).
What I am going to do is ask why Johnson and Evans plus all defendants are not accorded anonymity (in line with ECHR legislation) and why false rape allegations accrue no punitive measures in Britain?
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Mr Love & Justice. Asil Nadir and MI6.

To continue the Turkish theme, this article which appeared a few hours ago

Vatan gazetesinden Çağdaş Ulus’un haberine göre; Nadir’in vatandaşlıktan kendi isteğiyle çıkmasının arka planında Türkiye’ye iadesi için yaptığı girişimler var. Nadir’in, Türkiye ve İngiltere arasındaki karşılıklı iadesi anlaşması kapsamında çifte vatandaşlıktan çıkması gerektiği için böyle bir adım attığı belirtiliyor.


Ancak İngiltere, Türkiye’ye geldiğinde serbest kalacağı endişesi ve 7 Mayıs’ta yapılacak genel seçimler nedeniyle, önemli bir mahkum kabul ettiği Nadir’in iade riskini alamıyor. Başbakan David Cameron’ın lideri olduğu Muhafazakar Parti’ye yakınlığıyla bilinen Asil Nadir’in iadesi için herşey tamamlansa da seçimlerde Muhafazakar Parti’nin oy kaybetmemesi için iade işlemi seçimden sonraya bırakıldı.

Asil Nadir geçen hafta vefat eden annesi Safiye Nadir için tutuklu bulunduğu cezaevi idaresinden cenazeye katılma izni istemiş ama cezaevi idaresi “Geri dönmezsin” gerekçesiyle Nadir’e izin vermemişti. Bu nedenle Nadir annesine son görevini yerine getirememişti.


Nadir 2010’da adını temizlemek için eşi Nur Nadir ile İngiltere’ye döndü. 7 ay boyunca avukatı Philip Hackett ile suçlamaları çürütmek için mahkemeye gitti. Ancak 2012’de hakkındaki 13 suçlamanın 10’undan suçlu bulununca 10 yıl hapis cezasına çarptırıldı.

İnfaz yasasına göre cezasının yarısını yatmak zorunda olan Nadir, 24 aydan az cezası kaldığı için yarı açık cezaevine nakledildi. Nadir normal şartlarda,

16 ay sonra özgürlüğüne kavuşacak. (ODATV)

If your Turkish is not up to it, the gist is that Asil Nadir (a jailed magnate) is to be freed. Whether one likes Mr Nadir or not, there is a curious notion that trials should be fair (even for major Tory donors) and not subject to paid police perjury.
What do you think?

Conservative policy 2015.

Is this photo banned (in Britain?) I am getting messages saying it is. Since December 2008 this blogge has been a thorn in the side of the UK establishment. Not that one should be partizan, Labour are equally vile as the Tories, indeed many attended the same public schools. I know not what the outcome of next month's general election will be save this - plod have finished training "with an emphesis on intifada like actions". Il ha'am du'l il eh. Shalom.

Closely observed Yarmouk.

Islamic State are beginning to see that by taking Damascus they can win a war of territiory. Now plod in Britain are afraid something wonderful, within a couple of months Westminster and Whitehall will face a far graver threat than some half arsed home grown plots.
Do excuse me as soon I must go up the Shankill and down the Falls (or is it up the Falls and down the Shankill) then head over to Bolton and Norfolk.
Ready whenever you are, Sgt Pembury.
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Lucy Panton and Judge Wide.

Forget the Feminazis, some real news. Lucy Panton’s name has been subject to a banning order by Judge Charles Wide. In the spirit of free speech fucking over the judiciary this blogge is naming her.

Also Scott Chapman (a prison warden) and Lynn Gaffney (his ex) who colluded in passing details onto the press. As did bent ex cops in Norfolk.. There are no borders nor jurisdictions in cyberspace. But there is retribution in full.

Lucy Panton was John Yates pal. She wed Daniel Beck who is a Metropolitan Police detective “well in” with notoriously corrupt plod such as Andy Hayman, Lord Stevens and Yates. Lucy Panton moved from 40 Gladstone Rd, Ashstead, Surrey, KT21, 2NS after her marriage in 2004.
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Harmony of pen and sword.

One of the benefits of being in the NUJ is the ability to cover certain stories. As a Freelancer it might not be lucrative but it is informative. Under the title "Challenge domestic extremist surveillance database" there is the following...
"There were records of (name redacted) social media activity and his post on an NUJ site". It is far easier to build a de facto police state than to dismantle one.
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