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Det Con Kimberley Walton, Durham.

Dear Kimberley, It seems you don't like my blogge. I am heartbroken that a bent cop should have a poor opinion of me. You want to arrest and jail those who point out such minor deatils as the inequality of rape trial defendants not having anonymity. What Adam Johnson did was wrong, but Kaitlin Lackenby (though technically underage) was not coersed into his vehicle. Six years for a grope, de trop n'est pas?
It reminds one of the Ched Evans case and plod getting it so very wrong. Oderint dum metuant? Not any longer. Who murdered Eddie Fullerton? Answers on a postcard puleeze.
Luv, Admiral Sir Ronald Urquhart-Broxted, VC and bar, commander HMS Tallywhacker.


The House of Commons is the setting for the latest false rape allegation. Tory assistant Sam Armstrong is being accused by a (for now) anonymous female. You know the drill by now - anonymity for both sides or neither. Minimum 12 year custodial tariff for false rape accusers. Anyone knowing the name of the female pass it on here. Perhaps Jean Hatchet (Vonny Watts) will set up another emigration fund?
Good day for this site, huge number of hits over the Spalding murders, Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham. Now then, why is a known police perjurer trying to sell his 4 bed house in Southery, PE38?
Plod delenda est.
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The proof of a police state is that MSM work with plod to stop disseminating knowledge. Take, for instance, the South Wales Police banning the naming of Ian Watkins co-accused, Katie Victoria Blagden of Bedfordshire and Michelle Presland of Doncaster.
South Wales Police also covered up their lack of speed in arresting Watkins, why is that?


A 14 year old suing Facebook.

Belfast, and social media faces a huge legal challenge if Facebook lose. A teenager in Northern Ireland is suing over her image being put on a "shame page".
Garnerville deenda est.


Free Nazanin Ratcliffe.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office are doing nothing to end the unjust jailing of Nazanin Ratcliffe. The Iranian government are detaining her in barbaric fashion. She must be released at once, as should Britain's foremost political prisoner - Julian Assange.
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English M.P shot, Jo Cox dead.

Pixilatted heavily armed police much in evidence in UK media, non anglophone papers stress the would be assassin shouted "Britain First" as he shot and stabbed the West Yorkshire politician.
Right idea, wrong target especially as Jess Phillips and Stella Greasy are still free loading oxygen thieves. This could be a game changer, at a moment when opposition is building to the status quo in Britain, plod will soon have more to worry about.


Joly de Lotbiniere.

York undergraduate Bart Joly de Lotbiniere has been accused of rape. Comme d'habitude his name is everywhere, but his accuser is (for now) anonymous. This, on the same day that we hear Ched Evans is to face a second trial for rape concerning Lauren Crawford, Lauren McDonagh, Emily Whatshername of Lincolnshire?



This humble blogge is about to go Supernova. Some mission statements first - this blog is 100% in favour of a Brexit. So today's articles in the "Sun" and "Mail" are false.
This blog is and always has been anti-Tory. So linking it to Conservative who oppose Boris Johnson is again, an asinine mistake and totally erroneous.
Cost of a post removal? £10,000. Whole blogge? £50,000.
Finally, legal action? Bring it on, I have about £100 and no longer live in the UK. As has been mentioned, when you arrest corrupt perjuring ex police you can come for me. My worst has already happened to me. I love publicity, relish in it.
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Most things are on the internet these days. Small towns such as Spalding often have stories - such as last year when Kim Edwards and her boyfriend Lucas Markham ran away together, they were found after a short while. Something must have happened as Mrs Liz Edwards allowed her killers - and those of her other daughter Katie - into her home.
Today's press reports of a "black rimmed glasses wearing teenager" in the dock with her sweetheart narrowed it down. Lincolnshire Police are remiss at dealing with the 33% false rape claims they receive. Pay back time.


PJS and YMA injunction - Elton John.

The National Enquirer broke it in the US. Now for the British Isles, a Ron Broxted exclusive. PJS is Elton John and YMA is David Furnish. As to AB and CD, who knows? Who cares? Lovlely afternoon here in Northern Ireland. I must pop over to Ingerlund.