Op Midland, Nick, Harvey Proctor and Carl Stephen Beech?

A quick blogge as I have yet to ratify all the facts. An HNS manager (based in Northumbria?) made outrageous claims against Harvey Proctor plus many dead celebrities. New Scotland Yard believed him implicitly. Operation Midland could cost The Met £1 million, indeed one hopes it does.
Carl Stephen Beech (of Gloucester?) is being named as "Nick" the fantasist. Bramshill delenda est.2C7BC9FD00000578-3240661-image-m-31_1442615490350.jpg

Dara Florence and Alex Doran.

More news is coming to light over the false rape accuser at the centre of the Paddy Jackson trial.


Much has been made of the fact that no noise was heard as Alex (wee Millie) Doran was being “raped”. Other matters of interest –

Alexandra Doran, daughter of Sean Doran Q.C had pressure brought from her Mum to force the RUC/PSNI to prosecute.

Alex Doran of Belfast was also seen to be in a relationship with a married RUC/PSNI constable.

In other news, Jon Venables does not want his image reproduced at all. New Scotland Yard delenda est.


Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding. Who is Alex(andra) Doran?

Today the RUC/PSNI were in the witness box, lying away, comme d'habitude. Seems that the false rape accuser is Alexandra Doran of Belfast. It would be fuuuunnn to find out who in the RUC/PSNI decided that Jackson and Olding are high profile, then to go after them. Shades of Ched Evans and Clayton McDonald.
Oderint dum metuant? Not any more.
P.S Max Mosley really doesn't want you to see this.
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Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding.

The jury have been sworn in and all is not well with the RUC/PSNI. Does the accuser have previous "form" in making false and malicious allegations? Given the 33% rate of false rape accusations extreme caution needs to be urged on this one. Recent high profile miscarriages of justice (Liam Allen, Isaac Itiary) draw attention to issues of non disclosure.
Garnverville delenda est.

Polish death camps.

The Pshishi are annoyed - it is going to be illegal to say "Polish death camps" with reference to 1940-45 yet they were in occupied Poland so it is an accurate phrase.
Also, the Ukrainian Insurgency Army are to be blamed for 100,000 deaths, so denying that is illegal too.

The Donald plus Dave Tinham and Ian Timings.

Firstly, to President Trump, God-Emperor. I support him on the basis of my enemy's enemy is my friend. Anyone who gets to rad fems and snowflake the way he does deserves a medal. He is not perfect but who is?
After four decades with the far left (in which they accomplished nothing) has the #AltRight's time arrived? America is one of the few functioning Anglophone democracies (Canada, Australia and New Zealand also weigh in).
Britain is the poorest and smallest province of the American Imperium.
Now to two small and nasty police informers, Dave Tinham and Ian Timings. Dave is faux far left and Ian is a nonce.
New Scotland Yard delenda est.
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Poppi Worthington and Ruth Villis.

Cumbria Police (you know, the ones who lost/stole Percy Toplis's Webley Mark VI .45) are now demanding that for legal reasons you do not know the name of the Mother in the Poppi Worthington case.
She is Ruth Villis. There is no primary jurisdiction in cyberspace.
copyright, Ron Broxted, Colonel, 1st Battalion Keyboard Warriors.

Vicious - Alison Chabloz and the CAA

Today saw the end of the first part of a CAA private prosecution of Alison Chabloz. It will define free speech versus hate speech. Many Jews feel that denial of the Shoah is counterproductive.
Will Armenians demand a similar law?
There are two types of folks in the world, those "who can tell a Jew", and those who cannot.
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