Hope Not Hate, Det Con Kevin Jacobs, Counter "Terrorism"

Interesting 8 minute recording of Robbie "Fatty" Mullen and his HNH handler, Matt Collins. Mention is made of Lancashire? Greater Manchester Police Det Con Kevin Jacobs.

Sounds like incitement. Mullen was given the alias "Andy Brown". This was all connected to political prisoners Jack Renshaw, Chris Lythgoe and others being jailed over the Rosie Cooper plot.
Plod delenda est.
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Grace Millane and Jesse Shane Kempson.

A New Zealand post today, in light of the Ana Kriegel case the Kiwis are unhappy that Jesse Kempson can and is named abroad, but it is illegal to name him in the antipodes. This pretty much highlights the whole cyber space issue with primary jurisdiction. It is not that we are in contempt of court, but that the courts are held in contempt, by us.
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Simon Lindsell, Ramsgate.

As many of you don't speak, read or write Finnish I thought I'd put Joshua Bonehill-Paine's pensees to a wider audience.

Some of these false flag accounts are getting into confrontation on the left side of the perverts and, as a result, a credible threat of violence towards itself is done. Simon Lindsell Ramsgate, East Kent is obsessed with video game Individual who participates in the anti-fascist Internet on the left. Lindsell, 46 is used to work in East Kent Mencap and has a history of helpless people which we have little information about his behavior.

Probably mentally deficient, Simon Lindsell stayed in the local area for the rest of his life, never getting married or producing offspring. Simon Lindsell Simon, who is not a well-known friend decides to spend his time playing video games and become a virtually house-related hermit, as fired by Mencap. To unlock this twitter account, Simon spends his time posting anti-white race anger and collapsing anonymous left-wing accounts to attack the British nationalists.

Simon first came to my attention while using Twitter for my original account, Pani for his extreme anger and fiercely directed at me and decided to ignore him. This slideshow requires JavaScript. It shows me that Lindsell, a hermit, is aware or is about to be barbaric. With a clear history of mental health problems and obsessive violent video game tendencies, it is possible that Simon intends some sort of terrorist-inspired attack.

strange pervert, Simon Lindsell I believe that Lindsell operates a number of fake Twitter accounts that have been used more than once to threaten violence towards myself and members of the public. I am concerned that women, girls and women may be at risk for this individual by using these websites to fuel their obsessive and deceptive behavior.

Lindsell is an odd one eh? More over he is paid by Kent Police.


Dark Justice, Maggie Chapman, Islamophobia and Police Scotland.

It has come to the attention of this blogge that Margaret Chapman, expelled from UKIP for extremism, has been identified as an abuser.
She lied about a Muslim groomig gang and perjured herself to plod. Chapman is a known paid police informer, how can any trial go ahead with her involvement? I will of course contact Vera Baird and others over this.
Bramshill delenda est.
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Scott Garrick, Portsmouth, and animal cruelty.

So the cat puncher has been unmasked, but because it is Britain he is looking at a suspended sentence at best (recall the "Justice for Chunky" case?)
With social meejah perhaps Scott Garrick can be taught a lesson? We all supported Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, everyone remembers Bobby Sands, but few Barry Horne.
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Game of thrones.

Lots of hype, and I know it has a YUGE fan base. In my humble opinion it is spooge. Poor script and I feel sorry for Emilia Clark who proved she could act elsewhere. Lena Headey also. The names are daft - Joffrey, can't Martin spell Jeffery? Dragons? The sort of nonsense a kid would come up with. Notorious and revered nangbaby may differ in outlook from me, but Westeros is obviously Wester Ross and Martin was too lazy to alter it. OK, back to police corruption in Britain.
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