Nichi Hodgson versus James Whale.

The Grauniad get it wrong again. Some feminazi called McKay did a puff piece on her pal Nichi Hodgson who made a rather bizarre claim. The Guardian now accords Hodgson with victimhood. On the day Ched Evans begins to play for Fleetwood might the NUJ not suss out that a complainant is not a victim? Evidence, proof, you know, small legal matters. James Whale did nothing wrong, he merely pointed out lies in Hodgson's story.
Many laws yet little justice.
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Paddy Jackson, Alexandra Doran, Angela Norton and the RUC.

Huge news day as Tommy Robinson is freed (following Judge Geoffrey C Marson being told what would happen to him if he was not) and now we hear that the B Specials/RUC/PSNI arrested a man for naming the false rape accuser in the Paddy Jackson trial.
Sir John Gillen is cogitating on what to do - anonymity for both sides in rape trials or neither. Plod are now butt hurt on a global stage, primary jurisdiction entails that police states such as Britain can only oppress inside their borders. Garnervill delenda est.

Op Midland, Nick, Harvey Proctor and Carl Stephen Beech?

A quick blogge as I have yet to ratify all the facts. An HNS manager (based in Northumbria?) made outrageous claims against Harvey Proctor plus many dead celebrities. New Scotland Yard believed him implicitly. Operation Midland could cost The Met £1 million, indeed one hopes it does.
Carl Stephen Beech (of Gloucester?) is being named as "Nick" the fantasist. Bramshill delenda est.2C7BC9FD00000578-3240661-image-m-31_1442615490350.jpg

Dara Florence and Alex Doran.

More news is coming to light over the false rape accuser at the centre of the Paddy Jackson trial.

Much has been made of the fact that no noise was heard as Alex (wee Millie) Doran was being “raped”. Other matters of interest –

Alexandra Doran, daughter of Sean Doran Q.C had pressure brought from her Mum to force the RUC/PSNI to prosecute.

Alex Doran of Belfast was also seen to be in a relationship with a married RUC/PSNI constable.

In other news, Jon Venables does not want his image reproduced at all. New Scotland Yard delenda est.


Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding. Who is Alex(andra) Doran?

Today the RUC/PSNI were in the witness box, lying away, comme d'habitude. Seems that the false rape accuser is Alexandra Doran of Belfast. It would be fuuuunnn to find out who in the RUC/PSNI decided that Jackson and Olding are high profile, then to go after them. Shades of Ched Evans and Clayton McDonald.
Oderint dum metuant? Not any more.
P.S Max Mosley really doesn't want you to see this.
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Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding.

The jury have been sworn in and all is not well with the RUC/PSNI. Does the accuser have previous "form" in making false and malicious allegations? Given the 33% rate of false rape accusations extreme caution needs to be urged on this one. Recent high profile miscarriages of justice (Liam Allen, Isaac Itiary) draw attention to issues of non disclosure.
Garnverville delenda est.