Two cities - Berlin and Moscow

Much is being made of Alexei Navalny's return to Russia, but who, really pulls his strings? Outrage from the west (who don't mind Julian Assange being a political prisoner) point to Sasha being a puppet of the Pentagon, perhaps? Could it be a case of my enemy's enemy is my friend?
Poll #2107966 Is Navalny a stooge and shill?

Is Navalny paid?

Idti chortu

Tory "rape" claims, Mark Francois and Sophie Bond-Jones again.

This article on the "Mirror" is farcical.

The hospital visit by Sophie Bond-Jones, ex assistant to Mark Francois, was to get her stomach pumped (too much booze). PTSD? One wonders is Francois has it after the false and malicious rape claim by Bond-Jones.
Nigel Edwards QC is nailing the coffin shut on his own career. Francois promised Bond-Jones he would marry her, after dating her for several months no engagement was forthcoming and the uber ambitious Bond-Jones threatened blackmail, by claiming a false rape occurred. The "scratch" on her arm was self inflicted. Plod bent over backwards to assist her, "credible and true" just like Harvey Proctor eh?
One hears Bond-Jones is still in Westminster, with Victoria Prentis MP. 

Alex Salmond

One sees that a false rape accuser in the Alex Salmond show trial has been named via Twitter, only a matter of time until her outing is even more public and shameful.
Saor Alba, Scotland will be free by 2023, anyone who doesn't acknowledge MI5's role in Salmond's fitting up is a fool. So, 77th Bde and GCHQ, do your worst, we are waiting. Plod delenda est.
Anonymity for both sides or neither.

Ched Evans - where to next?

As former Wales International soccer star Ched Evans prepares for the January window next week, where will he go after his stint at Fleetwood?
Nottingham Forest

League One

League Two
Oldham *

* No doubt 70,000 feminazis will turn up. Including the world's longest surviving cancer patient Jean Hatchet/Vonny Watts/Vonny Radstone, embezzler extraordinaire.
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Banning, Mark Francois, Tory "rape", Sophie Bond-Jones and coercive control.

It has been a busy and historic day. First ever banning here. Freedom of speech is paramount but you need to cite someone credible, certainly not Mad Maggie (see blog post 1st Sept 2019).
Mulatto disgraced ex Det Constables are not a trustworthy source either. Plod are growing ever desperate. Over stretched in cyber space they ask the likes of Philip Merrills-Dearn in assisting (legal head of Twitter, fined £5000 for dishonesty in Nov 2004 in the Givot Olam oil scam).
Now to legal matters and the saga of Mark Francois in the Tory "rape" case and Sophie Bond-Jones. He promised to marry her, then reneged. That is not coercive control, which is some spooge set up by Feminazis moon bats uch as Jean Hatchet (Vonny Watts, Yvonne Radstone, ex Tory Cllr and embezzler).

12 glorious years.

Today is the twelfth anniversary of Ronald Urquhart Broxted and a blogge which has caused massive damage to North Wales Police and others. Who would have thought, a dozen years ago, that such humble  beginnings would impact on plod? More is to come, Old Bill won't pay what they owe - carrot and stick and they don't use carrot. Will Broxted move from Ireland abroad, thus heralding the summit of samizdat blogging? One thing is certain, the best is yet to come.

Tamara Ecclestone robbery - Alessandro Donati and others arrested.

There is no primary jurisdiction in cyberspace and whilst I and others are owed money by plod the war continues. Tamara Ecclestone was at the centre of a truly international robbery, Alessandro Donati and Alessandro Maltese (both Milan natives) teamed up with Jugoslav Jovanovic and Daniel Vukovic (Vukovic seems to be on the run). UK courts have banned Donati, Maltese and Jovanovic from being named. Plod delenda est.
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