Everton, Gylfi Sigurdsson, married, suspended.

Premiership Everton soccer star Gylfi Sigurdsson is being named as the star in the nonce allegation. His accuser remains for the moment anonymous.
Other things you should know - Jean Hatchet/Vonny Browes/Vonny Fiddament/Vonny Watts/Vonny Radstone conned many gullible, kind hearted folks out of money with fake cancer and "dying puppy" stories.
Anne-Marie Hackett of Reepham, Lincolnshire made multiple false rape claims.
On the whole nonce topic, which Dad (half Jamaican) of a P.C who lives in Downham Market, Norfolk and works in King's Lynn, Norfolk, has a YUGE stash of child abuse images and is not being arrested? (Hint, recently retired Chief Constable Simon Bailey is in the same lodge). Worshipful brother was expelled from Manor Of Bensham 7114.
Adam Johnson and Kaitlin Lackenby, wa hay!

Soldier F is Dave Cleary.

The Dirty war just got dirtier. Soldier F in the Bloody Sunday inquiry has just been outed as Dave Cleary. The UK government is not pressing ahead with charges brought about by his murdering unarmed civilians in Derry half a century ago.
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HMS Defender - Dalian Atkinson.

Two stories today, the Royal Navy got the date wrong, it is not 1821 it is 2021. Taking on the largest navy on earth is not wise, especially trying to prove that Crimea is Ukraine. Anyway, after getting their zhopas kicked the Royal Navy slunk back outside Russian territorial waters. Slava bogu.
Now to another UK story. Years ago, a football star was kicked to death by police in England, his name was Dalian Atkinson. I set up a "Justice for Dalian Atkinson" page on Facebook but the police had it taken down. The policeman who tasered Mr Atkinson to death will be jailed, body fluids in his food, razors in the shower.
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Murder of George Nkencho.

These are the established facts, backed up by video evidence. Nkencho was armed with a pen knife and more than one hundred yards away from anyone. The Gardai (Irish police) shot him dead. This, legally, constitutes an extrajudicial killing. The scum in Harcourt Street ought to know that Ireland is not Albania, Burkina Faso nor is it Iran.

Tony Blair (Bow Street) and Rev Hubert Brasier.

Whatever happened to the arrest record of "Charles Lynton" for "cottaging" and his appearance and fining at Bow Street Magistrates court? Better known as Tony Blair.
Now to the vile Theresa May and her Dad, Rev Hubert Brasier, whose interest in young boys has been expunged from the internet.
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Arlene Foster and very close police protection.

So, Christian Jessen lost his court case for stating that Arlene Foster was bumping uglies with her PSNI/RUC bodyguard. OK. I hereby state that Arlene Foster was having an affair with her armed bodyguard. Now sue me.
In other news - who is the SAS man named by Dominic Cummings? My new Chinese and Russian pals are dying to know. New Scotland Yard delenda est.
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