Riordan Bond and King's Lynn Police.

It seems that Norfolk Police are now in the business of protecting teenage yobbo Riordan Bond. Look up the videos where he attacks old folks and the disabled. Notoriously corrupt quadroon P.C Jamie A Haslam is helping Riordan Bond and may be found not a million miles from Bagge Road, Kings Lynn.
Plod dellenda est.

Vonny Browes, Fiddament, Watts, Radstone (Jean Hatchet) and embezzlement.

What is it about embezzlers that they stick together? Jean Hatchet nee Yvonne Lesley Browes, Von Fiddament, Vonnie Watts, Yvonne Radstone creamed off £3000 from money raised for Lauren Crawford/MacDonagh the false rape accuser in the Ched Evans case. Jean/Vonny also hangs aout with "Jewish" (?!) disabled (work shy) Tweeter "The Colcestrian". Guess whom diddled the dole office out of filthy lucre?
"I've got something for you".

Paddy Jackson, Angela Norton, Sean McFarland and the RUC.

To which one may add Alex. So, Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding are not to be paid for being falsely accused of rape. Did Judge Patricia Smyth just edge up the paramilitary hit list?
One heard that Alexandra Doran, daughter of Q.C Sean Doran made the false rape claim after another woman accidentally walked in on a three way.
Then one heard that Angela Norton was the spit roastee. Sean McFarland paid for getting the truth out. Anonymity for one side or neither. Garnverville delenda est.

Viktorija Sokolova Kurd?

So Saidas Valantinas semen was found (consensually) on her underwear but a Kurd, aged 16, living on the same street as her in Wolverhampton actually did the murder.
His name is to go online soon, West Mercia Police made a death threat to Tommy Robinson, and I, from an IP address linked to "Resisting Hate" Nick Raybould, odd that.
Got semtex? Got game.
Update, 3 men arrested, all Kurds, one charged aged 16. Address - Mostyn Street, Wolverhampton.

Jon Venables - new identity and the dirty dozen.

As we reflect on national sacrifice it is time to take stock. A land fit for heroes? Still waiting. Meanwhile, plod states that it is illegal to disseminate (in Britain) details of the Jamie Bulger murderer Jon Venables.
Also it is illegal to state that Ian Watkins was assisted by Katie Blagden and Michelle Presland. (South Wales Police).
Or that Nick of Operation Midland is Carl Stephen Beech (Gloucestershite Police).
Or that the false rape accuser in R v Evans & McDonald is Lauren Crawford/McDonagh. (North Wales Police).
Or the Adam Johnson case - Kaitlin Lackenby (Durham Police).
Or the Omeath/Annalong baby rape case - Martin Morgan (RUC).
Or the torture of a puppy named "Chunky" - Ryan Hollick (Kent).
Or the Harpurhey dog's home arson attcking killing over 60 dogs - Kayne Kennedy (GMP)
Or Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding false rape allegations - Angela Norton but Alex Doran named (RUC).
Or Graeme Stening - Marina Wheeler originally named, then Harini Iyengar. (The Met).
Or the outing of Jean Hatchet as Vonny Watts (South Yorkshite).
Or Michael Le Vell and Amelia Turner.
Or Jeremy Forrest and Megan Stammers (Sussex) although she was on the front page of every paper in Britain.
New Scotland Yard delenda est. Primary jurisdiction and the lack of borders in cyber space entails a right to publish and by doing so damage Old Bill. As The Emir said "They don't understand carrot only stick". Anonymity for both sides or neither in rape trials.

Grenfell Tower bonfire outrage

Years ago I'd have been having a connection fit but now? How many white British died at Grenfell? How many ex servicemen are sleeping rough? Also, at a time when even plod are raising eyesbrows a video of some rednecks laughing at a bonfire is now to be treated as a "hate crime". Meanwhile, death by stabbings are a daily feature of London life. Three of clubs beats two of spades.

Mark Williams-Thomas, Carl Stephen Beech and Operation Midland.

The gift that keeps giving - ex Det Con Mark Williams-Thomas, who claimed to have led the Jimmy Savile inquiry is now the focus of much unwanted attention.

The vile Williams-Thomas smeared innocent men with his slew of claims from known fantasists and is facing being sued for a huge amount of money. The allegations against Lord Brittan and others formed the core of Operation Midland, now completely discredited and the false rape accuser Carl Stephen Beech is on remand awaiting an appearance at Newcastle Crown Court on child pornography charges. Plod delenda est.