West Yorkshi*e Police and Katherine Canoville.

Odd that when she issued death threats Katherine Canoville of Bradford was not arrested. Until one comes to know that she is a paid police informer. A known associate of Karen Graham of Bury (ugh) and Maggie Chapman formerly of UKIP now embroiled in a child abuse case in Glasgow. I had a former karate sensei from Dominica, they seem like a nice lot, not Canoville though. Jah.
Rom 12.19 KJV.
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Dark Justice, Maggie Chapman, Islamophobia and Police Scotland.

It has come to the attention of this blogge that Margaret Chapman, expelled from UKIP for extremism, has been identified as an abuser.
She lied about a Muslim groomig gang and perjured herself to plod. Chapman is a known paid police informer, how can any trial go ahead with her involvement? I will of course contact Vera Baird and others over this.
Bramshill delenda est.
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Scott Garrick, Portsmouth, and animal cruelty.

So the cat puncher has been unmasked, but because it is Britain he is looking at a suspended sentence at best (recall the "Justice for Chunky" case?)
With social meejah perhaps Scott Garrick can be taught a lesson? We all supported Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, everyone remembers Bobby Sands, but few Barry Horne.
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Game of thrones.

Lots of hype, and I know it has a YUGE fan base. In my humble opinion it is spooge. Poor script and I feel sorry for Emilia Clark who proved she could act elsewhere. Lena Headey also. The names are daft - Joffrey, can't Martin spell Jeffery? Dragons? The sort of nonsense a kid would come up with. Notorious and revered nangbaby may differ in outlook from me, but Westeros is obviously Wester Ross and Martin was too lazy to alter it. OK, back to police corruption in Britain.
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