Freya Heath - False rape allegations, Ayia Napa

Soon a notorious multiple false rape accuser will face justice in a Cyprus court room. How very different to the UK. Freya Heath has no anonymity beyond police state Britain. A dozen Israeli sabra boys were jailed, now it is time to redress the balance. New Scotland Yard delenda est, either anonymity for both sides or neither.

Dark Justice, Maggie Chapman, Islamophobia and Northumbria Police.

I don't usually do personal blogge posts but will alter that for today. More of a public service announcement as a far right person now seems to be far left. Step forward poisonous dwarf Margaret A Chapman of Berwick.

Also one from Spiked.

She claimed to be head of "Dark Justice" (untrue) she hates the Umma (true), she is a paid Northumbria Police informer (true) and can't even publish details of James Bulger's murderer Jon Venables without error.

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Jon Venables - new identity and the dirty dozen.

A land fit for heroes? Still waiting. Meanwhile, plod states that it is illegal to disseminate (in Britain) details of the Jamie Bulger murderer Jon Venables.
Also it is illegal to state that Ian Watkins was assisted by Katie Blagden and Michelle Presland. (South Wales Police).
Or that Nick of Operation Midland is Carl Stephen Beech (Gloucestershite Police).
Or that the false rape accuser in R v Evans & McDonald is Lauren Crawford/McDonagh. (North Wales Police).
Or the Adam Johnson case - Kaitlin Lackenby (Durham Police).
Or the Omeath/Annalong baby rape case - Martin Morgan (RUC).
Or the torture of a puppy named "Chunky" - Ryan Hollick (Kent).
Or the Harpurhey dog's home arson attcking killing over 60 dogs - Kayne Kennedy (GMP)
Or Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding false rape allegations - Angela Norton but Alex Doran named (RUC).
Or Graeme Stening - Marina Wheeler originally named, then Harini Iyengar. (The Met).
Or the outing of Jean Hatchet as Vonny Watts (South Yorkshite).
Or Michael Le Vell and Amelia Turner.
Or Jeremy Forrest and Megan Stammers (Sussex) although she was on the front page of every paper in Britain.
New Scotland Yard delenda est. Primary jurisdiction and the lack of borders in cyber space entails a right to publish and by doing so damage Old Bill. As The Emir said "They don't understand carrot only stick". Anonymity for both sides or neither in rape trials.


P.C Andrew Harper, Thames Valley

Simon Lindsell, Ramsgate.

As many of you don't speak, read or write Finnish I thought I'd put Joshua Bonehill-Paine's pensees to a wider audience.

Some of these false flag accounts are getting into confrontation on the left side of the perverts and, as a result, a credible threat of violence towards itself is done. Simon Lindsell Ramsgate, East Kent is obsessed with video game Individual who participates in the anti-fascist Internet on the left. Lindsell, 46 is used to work in East Kent Mencap and has a history of helpless people which we have little information about his behavior.

Probably mentally deficient, Simon Lindsell stayed in the local area for the rest of his life, never getting married or producing offspring. Simon Lindsell Simon, who is not a well-known friend decides to spend his time playing video games and become a virtually house-related hermit, as fired by Mencap. To unlock this twitter account, Simon spends his time posting anti-white race anger and collapsing anonymous left-wing accounts to attack the British nationalists.

Simon first came to my attention while using Twitter for my original account, Pani for his extreme anger and fiercely directed at me and decided to ignore him. This slideshow requires JavaScript. It shows me that Lindsell, a hermit, is aware or is about to be barbaric. With a clear history of mental health problems and obsessive violent video game tendencies, it is possible that Simon intends some sort of terrorist-inspired attack.

strange pervert, Simon Lindsell I believe that Lindsell operates a number of fake Twitter accounts that have been used more than once to threaten violence towards myself and members of the public. I am concerned that women, girls and women may be at risk for this individual by using these websites to fuel their obsessive and deceptive behavior.

Lindsell is an odd one eh? More over he is paid by Kent Police.

Scott Garrick, Portsmouth, and animal cruelty.

So the cat puncher has been unmasked, but because it is Britain he is looking at a suspended sentence at best (recall the "Justice for Chunky" case?)
With social meejah perhaps Scott Garrick can be taught a lesson? We all supported Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, everyone remembers Bobby Sands, but few Barry Horne.
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