Ciaran Rehill (ron_broxted) wrote,
Ciaran Rehill

Ripper stalks Whitechapel. Venables and veniality.

Venables has been given a new identity on his release and was rumoured to have had a drink and drugs problem or attacked a passing victim (quelle surprise), hence his reincarceration. However we will not find out the reason. The right to know. Enshrined in any true democracy this quaint notion alas has been abandonned by the judiciary and legislature who feel that the British public are too dim-witted to be given any details and must exist, mushroom like, in the dark, fed a constant drip drip of bull shit. It is not that the people are in contempt of court, but that the courts are held in contempt by the people. Law and order are trotted out by Labour and Tories alike yet each year sees many laws yet little justice. You will find it far easier to establish a secretive police state than to dismantle one.
Tags: independent minds, law
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