Chris (ron_broxted) wrote,

The Convention on Modern Liberty.

To my mind one of the most important forthcoming dates is Saturday, 28th February. Across Britain from London to Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, Cambridge and Manchester will gather those who feel that the surveillance society, ID cards, DNA databases (of spurious legality post Marper vs South Yorkshire Police) and the erosion of hard won freedoms needs questioning. In the light of tomorrows' news that photography of police is to be banned (there will be an "event" at New Scotland Yard, 11am, Monday, if Inspector Truscott and P.C Plod aren't looking) and with grave concerns over the Coroners and Justice Bill, diverse individuals and organisations will be taking part. Human rights, the judiciary, press freedom, xenophobia, both Labour, Liberal and Conservative takes on liberty and top legal figures such as Baroness Helena Kennedy Q.C (on a personal note I think she's wonderful) will argue the future of the interface between citizen (or should that be subject?) and state in the U.K. The Netherlands, Australia, Finland and other sensible free countries do not have to worry over such things. As to Northern Ireland, it faces unique problems. Perhaps Alex Maskey will tell the audience why Sinn Fein sold out over the policing agreement?
Tags: freedom, independent minds, law, news

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